Call for Applications: GOIZUETA Scholarship for Latinos Who Want to Become Teachers

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Roberto Goizueta was a Cuban-American immigrant who rose to be the chairman of Coca-Cola Corporation. In 2001, his Goizueta Foundation endowed Georgia Southern University’s College of Education with funds for SCHOLARSHIPS for FINANCIALLY NEEDY HISPANICS/LATINOS seeking to be TEACHERS.

If you are interested in applying for the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship for Latino Educators, please see below. If you know someone who might be a candidate for this scholarship, please encourage them to apply!

Scholarship recipients are:

  1. Pursuing initial teacher certification at Georgia Southern University;
  2. Of Latino / Hispanic background – and – Members of a family resident in the US;
  3. Enrolled at Georgia Southern University at least half-time (6 credit hours) for at least 2 semesters during the academic year (exceptions made for student teaching semesters);
  4. In possession of a legal Social Security number (thus, DACA recipients are eligible); and
  5. Willing and able to document financial need.

New incoming freshmen and transfer undergraduate (B.S.Ed.) students, and graduate (M.A.T.) students are all eligible – as are current undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Southern University. 


  • Apply for admission at Georgia Southern at
  • A couple days later, log in and check your status. Once you have been admitted and have your Eagle ID#, continue to step #3.
  • Log at and click on the MyScholarships portal. Complete the General Application. Make sure to click the box to indicate that you want to become a teacher and study education. Submit your general application.
  • Finally, use the search option to find the Goizueta Scholarship for Latino Educators. You will need to provide more information and an essay specifically relevant to the scholarship.

Questions? Contact: Dr. Scott Beck, Co-Chair, Goizueta Scholarship for Latino Educators,

 Deadline:  April 1, 2019

Scholarship funds can be used for on-campus housing, meal plans, books, tuition, and fees. Scholarship offers are based upon student applications and information provided by Georgia Southern’s Admissions, Development, and/or Financial Aid Offices. Unless a student is student teaching, scholarship funds must be evenly distributed across at least 2 semesters within an academic year.  Recipients can apply for renewal of the scholarship every academic year.  However, such renewal is not automatic.  Renewal of a scholarship depends upon: steady progress toward graduation; good academic standing and a strong GPA; compliance with the Georgia Southern University Student Conduct Code; extracurricular activities; and community and/or institutional service such as tutoring local students and/or recruiting new applicants for this scholarship. All undergraduates are limited to 8 semesters of scholarship funds.  All initial certification graduate students are limited to 5 semesters of scholarship funds.