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Session 2 (Morning) - “The 21st  annual BOOK-A-HOLICS ANONYMOUS: Using Children’s Literature in Your School Counseling Program” - Nancy Jones

Calling all BOOK-A-HOLICS!  It’s year 21 with “the book lady,” Nancy Jones, and she is back to bring you dozens of children’s books as well as ideas for how to use them in your counseling program. This practical, fast-paced workshop will feature the newest of the new children’s books, and some oldies but goodies as well. Specific ideas for specific books will be featured, but we will explore props, games, and ideas that could go with ANY book you choose, so that you can sit in front of your own counseling bookshelf and see your own books through new eyes!  We will also touch on resources that will help you find book ideas throughout the school year. Children’s literature can plant seeds of success in your students, for nearly any situation that presents itself at your office door, so get ready to find new ways and rediscover old ways to use these valuable tools. With a complete bibliography of books arranged by subject, you will leave with LOTS of ways to become a Book-A-Holic yourself!

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