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Bring Back the Fun!

Jenni Briggs and Michelle Stevens
Thursday, November 8 - 1:30 pm
Accepting Differences
Bring Back the Fun
Digital Citizenship
Digital Footprint
Generosity Mission
Generosity Mission - BINGO
Get to Know You Yahtzee
Goal Setting
Self Control
Unlock Your Brain
Would You Rather?

From Chaos to Calm...A Raodmap to Self-Regulation

Jessica Thompson and Rhonda Harris
Thursday, November 8 - 3:30 pm
Link:  Chaos to Calm-GSCA 11/18

Implementation of Peer Mediator Programs:  An Intervention to Promote Emotional Intelligence

Boone Benton
Thursday, November 8 - 1:30 pm

Treatment beyond the clinic:  Advocating for mental wellness in schools

Nadiya Boyce Rosen and Melissa Mecadon-Mann
Friday, November 9 - 8:30 am
Four Corners Activity
Advocating for Mental Wellness
Sensory Awareness Challenge

What is Tapping & How Can I Use it to Help my Student Regulate Their Emotions?

Elizabeth Butler and Melissa Lester Olson
Thursday, November 8 - 11:15 am
EFT Tapping