2019 - 2020

There are no recorded presentations after the 2020 conference.

Presentations that were provided to GSCA for the 2019-2020 conference are available in the On-Demand Video Library, available to Members-Only. 


Bring Back the Fun!

Jenni Briggs and Michelle Stevens
Thursday, November 8 - 1:30 pm
Accepting Differences
Bring Back the Fun
Digital Citizenship
Digital Footprint
Generosity Mission
Generosity Mission - BINGO
Get to Know You Yahtzee
Goal Setting
Self Control
Unlock Your Brain
Would You Rather?

Department of Juvenile Justice School System:  Building a Better Future

Zane Shelfor
Thursday, November 8 - 3:30 pm

From Chaos to Calm...A Roadmap to Self-Regulation

Jessica Thompson and Rhonda Harris
Thursday, November 8 - 3:30 pm
Link:  Chaos to Calm-GSCA 11/18

Implementation of Peer Mediator Programs:  An Intervention to Promote Emotional Intelligence

Boone Benton
Thursday, November 8 - 1:30 pm

A Red Carpet Walk in the Academic, P/S and Career Domains

Merrill Baxley, Jennifer Diaz, Robin Zorn
Thursday, November 8 - 8:30 am

Treatment beyond the clinic:  Advocating for mental wellness in schools

Nadiya Boyce Rosen and Melissa Mecadon-Mann
Friday, November 9 - 8:30 am
Four Corners Activity
Advocating for Mental Wellness
Sensory Awareness Challenge

What is Tapping & How Can I Use it to Help my Student Regulate Their Emotions?

Elizabeth Butler and Melissa Lester Olson
Thursday, November 8 - 11:15 am
EFT Tapping


Online Peer Mediation: Using Technology in Peer Mediation
Cynthia Morton, Ed. D, Rockdale County Schools; Giuseppe Leone, Rockdale County Schools; Karen DeVoogd, Rockdale County Schools; Kristen Woodward, Rockdale County Schools

A Guide to Transitioning to Middle School
Chiquita L Jones, M. Ed., Lowndes County School System

Making Knights, Tigers and Bears: Bulldogs (Transitioning from 5th to 6th grade)
Jessica Evans, Monroe County

Improving Academics & Attendance through Check-in/Check-out
Rachel Read, M.Ed., NCC, Forsyth County; Amelia Kouznetsov, EdS., Forsyth County

Counselor Keys Effectiveness System: Comprehensive School Counseling Model Based Evaluation
Annual Partnership Agreement     Evaluation Instrument     Mindsets Behaviors Planning Tool    Observation Form
Effectiveness System Training
Sloane Molloy, M.A., Glynn Middle School Counselor, CKES Committee Chair; Stacey Miller, Ed.S., Roberts Elementary School Counselor, CKES Development Committee

How Depression and Anxiety Affect Students in the Classroom: Effective Interventions and Strategies Educators Can Use to Help These Students be Successful in School
Shannon Edmondson, M.S.ED., School County, Jones County Schools; Summer Maki, School Psychologist, Jones County Schools; Lily Ware, School Psychologist, Jones County Schools


Liven Up Your Classroom
Presenters: Stacey Cross, Ed.S., LPC, NCC, Raymonica Davis, M.Ed., Sophia Johnson, Ed.D, LPC, NCC, Kyla Lee, Ed.S., Patrice Mitchell, Ed.S., Cassandra Ranson, Ed.S.

Student Rapport and it's Impact on Parental Involvement
Presenters: Moya Pope, Ed.S., Patricia Strange, Ed.S., Shanna Williams, M.Ed.

Coming To America: Counseling Immigrants and Refugees
Presenters: Dr. Karen Rowland, Assistant Professor; Dominique Wilson, Student; Trecialeen Young, Student