Advocacy Toolkit


Local School & District Advocacy Resources
  1. How to Advocate and Empower Your School Counseling Program Slideshow
  2. The Role of the School Counselor Slideshow
  3. Preparing and Presenting your Counseling Department Plan to Admin (additional resources linked in doc)
  4. GSCA Position Statements
  5. Beacon Article: School Counselors Advocating for their Role in Schools, Districts, and Communities
  6. True Advocacy with GSCA Podcast
  7. The GSCA Podcast: The Counselor & Administrator Relationship
  8. GSCA Webinar: Empower School Counselors in Comprehensive School Counseling Programming
  9. GSCA Webinar: Being a Champion Advocate
  10. GSCA Webinar: State Board Rule and Student Competencies 2022
  11. GSCA Webinar: Advocating for Counselors' Assistance in Student Social Emotional & Mental Health
  12. GSCA Webinar: The Relevance, Rigor and Relationship of School Counselors and School Principals
  13. GSCA Webinar: School Counseling and Multi Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)
  14. GSCA Webinar: School Counselors: Members of the Instructional Team
  15. Advocacy: Who and How
  16. Cutting Edge School Counseling IG: School Counseling Myths Debunked
  17. 5 Tips to Advocate for Your School Counseling Program
  18. Advocacy Interventions 101 From Your GSCA Advocacy Team: A Challenge
  19. Annual agreement
  20. ASCA Ethical Standards
  21. ASCA Position Statements
  22. ASCA Who are School Counselors Infographic
  23. ASCA The Role of the School Counselor
  24. ASCA National Model Executive Summary
  25. ASCA/EdTrust/Reach Higher School Counselors Matter
  26. ASCA Empirical Research Studies & Supporting the Value of School Counseling
  27. Beacon Article: Engaging Your Staff while Empowering yourself: Advocating for Your School Counseling Program Within Your School

Advocacy with Counseling Advisory Council
  1. The Advisory Council in Comprehensive School Counseling Programs by Counselor Kirk
  2. Counselor Clique Blog: 3 Reasons You Need to Start a Devoted School Counseling Advisory Council
  3. Counselor Up Blog: ASCA National Model Advisory Council
  4. Counselor Clique Podcast: Using an Advisory Council to Tell Your Story with Lauren and Vira [Episode 19]
  5. Counselor Clique Blog: 4 Tips for Gaining Guaranteed Teacher Buy-In to Your School Counseling Program
  6. Free To Be Mindful Blog: Advocating for the School Counselor Role

Advocacy During National School Counseling Week
  1. National School Counseling Week as an Advocacy Opportunity
  2. 2023 National School Counselor Week IDEAS and Activities!
  3. School Counseling Week Activities for 2023
  4. ASCA: Advocacy in School Counseling

State Level Advocacy Resources
  1. Legislative Initiatives qr code to social media.  

    The Georgia Assembly typically holds their legislative session each year beginning by the second Monday in January and it lasts for 40 legislative days.

    Since the legislative session moves quickly and there are changes daily, updates on the legislative session will be provided to members through GSCA email blasts and on GSA social media. GSCA Facebook, GSCA TwitterGSCA Instagram

  2. Find Your Legislator
  3. Voices for Georgia’s Children Advocacy
  4. IDRA Georgia Education Advocacy
  5. GYJC IG
  6. GLMA Advocacy
  7. PAGE Advocacy
  8. GAE Advocacy
  9. SSWAG Advocacy
  10. Nelson Mullins Gold Dome Report
  11. State Level DEI Advocacy Slideshow
  12. Beacon Article: Advocacy Tips for School Counselors
  13. GSCA Webinar: Using Your Advocacy Skills to Serve, Lead, and Inspire
  14. ASCA Ethical Standards
  15. ASCA Position Statements
  16. ASCA Who are School Counselors Infographic
  17. ASCA The Role of the School Counselor
  18. ASCA National Model Executive Summary
  19. ASCA/EdTrust/Reach Higher School Counselors Matter
  20. ASCA Empirical Research Studies Supporting the Value of School Counseling