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During 2013-2014, GSCA in partnership with the DOE, developed the Counselor Keys Effectiveness System which is to be used in evaluating school counselors in the state.  In 2014-2015, over 60 districts around the state piloted the instrument.  GSCA now provides the opportunity for all counselors in the state to utilize the instrument  while GSCA and DOE continue to work to make CKES the official state adopted counselor performance evaluation instrument.  The Performance Standards & Rubrics, now aligned to the fourth edition of the Amercian School Counselor Association (ASCA) Nation Model, are available here. 

GSCA looks forward to working with counselors around the state as we implement a statewide counselor performance evaluation instrument that was developed by school counselors and accurately defines the role of the school counselor.

Please email with any questions and to speak to someone regarding the instrument.


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CKES Evaluation Documents
CKES Evaluation Rubric
CKES Evaluation Scale
CKES Glossary of Terminology
CKES Observation Form

CKES Supplemental Documents
Annual Calendar
Annual Student Outcome Goal Plan
Annual Administrative Conference
Changes in the 4th Ed
Classroom and Group M&B Action Plan
Classroom and Group M&B Results Report
CTG Action Plan and Results Report
Lesson Plan
SC Advisory Council Agenda
SC Advisory Council Minutes
SC Weekly Calendar (Word and Excel files)
School Counseling Program Assessment
School Data Summary
SC Standards Competencies Checklist
Use of Time Calculator 5 days