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GSCA does not distribute research surveys on behalf of members or the public.  However, in the interest of furthering the research that makes school counselors able to better themselves and assisting those who are in pursuit of higher degrees, we post surveys which have been screened by the GSCA Journal Editor for validity. We ask that school counselors participate as they are able in order to continue and support research in the field.

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Posted 10/9/2018

You are invited to participate in the research study titled: School Counselor Professional Identity Scale: Instrument Construction and Validation. The purpose of this research is to validate the School Counselor Professional Identity Scale (SCPIS). The minimum requirement for participation is training or experience as a school counselor. Participants will include graduate students (master’s and doctoral), practicing school counselors, counselor educators, and retired school counselors. This study has been approved through the Institutional Review Board at Adams State University. Participants may spend approximately 30-45 minutes completing the informed consent, demographic questionnaire, and assessments. Participants who would like to be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card will also submit their email address. If you would like to participate in this research study, please click the link below to read and sign the informed consent form prior to joining the research study.

Phase 4: Validation Study Survey Link

Posted 9/26/2018

Explanation of Research:
My research is looking to build upon prior research and knowledge to better understand and identify relationships between school counselors’ racial attitudes, multicultural counseling knowledge and awareness, and perceptions of poverty.

This research is confidential and puts no one willing to complete the survey in any harm. Only regional information is asked, no specific state information will be collected.

Support Requested:
To email my survey link and email request to your school counseling members.

A copy of my survey can be found at this link (may need to copy and paste):

University IRB Approval:
A copy of my IRB approval is attached to this email (IRB number: 18.0151; approval date, April 16, 2018).

Informed Consent Document:
The IRB committee at the University of Louisville agreed that in place of the informed consent document, a preamble should be used in its place.

Researcher's Credentials:
Shaun Sowell, M.Ed.
Doctoral Candidate

Credentials of Dissertation Chair/Director:
Ahmad R. Washington, PhD, NCC, Assistant Professor (University of Louisville)

Posted 2/8/2018

Invitation to Participate

A literature review and a subsequent survey research study have shown that
school counselor advocacy activity related to transgender and intersex
students varies. I am conducting research to develop and assess the
psychometric properties of the School Counselor Transgender Intersex
Advocacy Competency Scale (SCTIACS), a tool that may be used to train
school counselors in counselor education and professional development
programs. The findings of this study, therefore, may support counselor
education programs and schools and improve the lived experiences of
transgender and intersex students.

The participants of this study are a nationwide sample of certified and
full-time employed school counselors. Participants complete an online
survey form, which takes 20 to 25 minutes. Participation in the study is
voluntary and anonymous. Additionally, personally identifiable information
is only collected after the survey from participants who choose to become
eligible to win one of 20 $20 Amazon gift cards. The data gathered is
maintained through the most secure means possible and only aggregate data
will be published. The link to the survey form is:

Jack Simons, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mercy College
Dobbs Ferry, NY