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GSCA does not distribute research surveys on behalf of members or the public.  However, in the interest of furthering the research that makes school counselors able to better themselves and assisting those who are in pursuit of higher degrees, we post surveys which have been screened by the GSCA Journal Editor for validity. We ask that school counselors participate as they are able in order to continue and support research in the field.

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Posted 2/13/2020

My name is Maylee Vazquez and I am doctoral student in the Counselor Education and Supervision program at UNC Charlotte. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that are related to school counselor self-efficacy.

If you are currently a school counselor or have experience working as a school counselor with at a) least a year of experience, b) have graduated from a masters or doctoral counseling program and c) obtained a license or certification in school counseling, I am reaching out to you asking if you would please take the survey below. To participate you must be at least 18 years old of age and have worked as a school counselor in the United States. Participation is completely voluntary. Responses will be coded by an assigned number; therefore, names will not be connected to any survey responses and emails provided by the participants will be separated from their responses before analyzed. 

 In order to participate, please complete the following online survey via the link in this email. This survey should take 25 -30 minutes of your time.

To compensate you for your time, you will have the option to submit your email address at the end of the survey to enter in a drawing to win one of two $50 amazon gift cards

Follow this link to the Survey: here

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

This study is approved by the UNC Charlotte IRB, study #19-0418 and is under the direction of my Advisor Dr. Sejal Parikh Foxx.  For any questions or concerns related to this study, please contact Maylee Vazquez at UNC Charlotte wants to make sure that you are treated in a fair and respectful manner. Contact the University’s Research Compliance Office via email at if you have questions about how you are treated as a study participant.

Best Regards,

Maylee Vazquez, MS, LPCA, NCC
Doctoral Candidate | Counselor Education and Supervision
Primary Investigator

Sejal Parikh Foxx, Ph.D
Association Professor | Department of Counseling
Faculty Advisor

Posted 2/4/2020

This study aims to examine the relationship between stress and burnout among Professional Counselors (school counselor in particular). This study will explore the assumed moderating role of counseling professional identity and trait mindfulness in adjusting the above relationship.  The study will collect data via the internet using an online survey. You may skip any questions in the survey that you do not wish to answer. The entire study will take 20-25 minutes to complete. [Study link:]

The study has been approved by the University of Alabama Institutional Review Board (a committee that reviews and approves research studies). Your confidentiality will be protected through the following; (a) your name and any identifiable information will not be collected (e.g., name, email address, or IP address), and (b) the research team will use a secure web site to collect the study information and password protected computers to store the study information.  

If you decide to join the study, please click the link:

If you have questions regarding this study, please feel free to contact the researchers at Andrea Baylin (, and Dr. Lu ( or 205-348-9243).

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Andrea Baylin, NCC, doctoral student (School Counseling)
Counselor Education and Supervision

The University of Alabama


Junfei Lu, Ph.D., CRC
Assistant Professor
Counselor Education and Supervision 
The University of Alabama

Posted 1/17/2020

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Montana and am conducting my dissertation research on school counselors’ self-advocacy and trait emotional intelligence and how those skills relate to professional quality of life (compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction). Please consider participating in my research study by completing the anonymous survey below. The survey should take approximately 16 minutes to complete.

Link to survey:

Participation is anonymous and voluntary. Those who complete the survey may elect to submit their email address into a drawing for one (1) of five (5) $50 VISA gift cards.

This research has been approved by the University of Montana’s Institutional Review Board [IRB #227-19]. If you have questions or concerns, you can email the me, the Principal Investigator, at or my dissertation chair, Dr. Veronica Johnson, at

Thank you!

Kindle Lewis
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Counselor Education and Counseling
University of Montana

Posted 1/15/2020

You're invited to participate in a Dissertation Study on School Counselors' & Multicultural Competance! Download flyer for more information.

Posted 9/26/2018

Explanation of Research:
My research is looking to build upon prior research and knowledge to better understand and identify relationships between school counselors’ racial attitudes, multicultural counseling knowledge and awareness, and perceptions of poverty.

This research is confidential and puts no one willing to complete the survey in any harm. Only regional information is asked, no specific state information will be collected.

Support Requested:
To email my survey link and email request to your school counseling members.

A copy of my survey can be found at this link (may need to copy and paste):

University IRB Approval:
A copy of my IRB approval is attached to this email (IRB number: 18.0151; approval date, April 16, 2018).

Informed Consent Document:
The IRB committee at the University of Louisville agreed that in place of the informed consent document, a preamble should be used in its place.

Researcher's Credentials:
Shaun Sowell, M.Ed.
Doctoral Candidate

Credentials of Dissertation Chair/Director:
Ahmad R. Washington, PhD, NCC, Assistant Professor (University of Louisville)