2020 Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals as been extended to June 10, 2020

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Do you have innovative ideas and strategies to share with your fellow counselors throughout the state? Why not present a program at the 2020 Annual Conference in Savannah? Submit a program proposal today!

Proposals covering the various topics and interest areas of school counseling such as Academic Achievement, Information Technology, College Readiness, Social Emotional Learning, and Mental Health Awareness - just to name a few - are accepted.  Proposals that incorporate this year’s conference theme, Serve, Lead, Inspire, are highly encouraged!

In addition, we are also welcoming school administrators to attend our conference this year so they can learn more about the potential contributions and impact of school counselors in their buildings.  Please consider proposing workshops for this targeted audience.

Deadline to submit your proposal:  The deadline for submissions was Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Acceptance decisions emailed to submitters: Late July

For questions regarding proposal content, please email proposal@gaschoolcounselor.org.

For general conference questions, please email info@gaschoolcounselor.org.

"Your gifts are not about you; leadership is not about you; your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose." ~ Kevin Hall

What Information Do You Need to Submit Your Proposal?

Proposals are submitted through ProposalSpace.com.   For new users, please create an account.  For returning users, please update your existing account rather than create a new one.   All users, be sure to add proposalspace.com to your email list of safe entities.  It is important that your ProposalSpace account be correct:  the email address Proposal Space uses to send you important messages about your proposal (acceptance, scheduling) is stored in your user profile, not what you list in the proposal submission.  To update your email address in your account profile:

  • Please log in to your ProposalSpace.com account
  • Click your name in the top right-hand corner
  • Click "Edit My Account Details" on the right-hand side
  • Update and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page
  • Need assistance with resetting your password on Proposalspace? Contact support@proposalspace.com. 

Information Needed to Submit a Proposal:

  • Program Information
    • Program Title*
    • Target Audience*
      Counselor Educator/Supervisor
      School Administrator
      Nearing Retirement/Retired
    • Abstract: Please be thorough, but concise. This abstract will appear word-for-word in the Conference Program and/or Conference App. Conference participants choose which programs to attend based on this information. Please keep the length to 50-75 words.*
    • Description:  Submit a detailed description of the content of your program specifying the learning objectives/outcomes of the session, the opportunities for audience participation, and handouts/resources for distribution to participants. This summary will be used by the conference programs committee in selecting programs to be presented.*
    • Interest Area/Track your proposal covers: 
      • Tools for working smarter, not harder
      • Comprehensive School Counseling Program
      • Academics/Academic Achievement
      • Issues in Counseling
      • Graduate Students
      • Rural Counselors
      • Career Development
      • College Readiness
      • Social-Emotional Learning
      • Information Technology
      • Mental Health Awareness
      • Principal/Counselor Relationship
      • Parent/Community Engagement
    • How does your proposal relate to this year's conference theme?
    • Session Monitor Name*  Please arrange for a session monitor to introduce you and to remain in the session to alert you of time
    • Session Monitor Cell Phone*
    • Session Monitor Email*
    • Indicate any days/times during the conference, November 11-13, during which you are unable to present.
    • Indicate if you are presenting or monitoring any other programs.
    • Registration Agreement*  You agree to abide by all GSCA policies, including that each presenter and session monitor agrees to register and pay for the conference by the Early Bird Deadline.
  • Submitter Information 
    • Submitter Name*
    • Submitter Position/Title (middle school counselor, counselor educator, etc.)*
    • Submitter Email*
    • Submitter Work Phone*
    • Submitter Cell Phone*
  • Presenter Information:  For each presenter
    • Presenter: Name*
    • Presenter: Email Address*
    • Presenter: Work Phone*
    • Presenter: Cell Phone*
    • Presenter: Upload resume to include*:
      • Educational Background/Professional Training
      • Certification/Licensures
      • Employment Background
      • Professional Organizations
      • Honors/Awards

Items with * are required for submission.

The information above is available as a pdf:  Download the Proposal Submission Information Worksheet here.

For information on how proposals are evaluated:  Evaluation Rubric  

Presenter Registration Policy

GSCA places a high value on the skill and expertise of its presenters and views their participation as integral to the success of the conference. GSCA strongly encourages presenters to attend and participate in the entirety of the conference. As such, all presenters are required to register for the conference. The Content Chair may grant waivers to this policy if the request and rationale are received by the Early Bird registration deadline. 

Individuals who have not registered and paid for the conference, or submitted an appeal to the Content Chair, by the Early Bird registration deadline are subject to removal from the conference schedule.

Additionally, Presenters who do not show up for their scheduled session and do not provide notification to the Content Chair or President may be subject to barring from future programs.

Submit your Proposal Here

The Call for Propsoals is now closed