Counselors as Educational Leaders

Dr. Catherine Roland Receives 2013 Excellence in Professional Leadership Award

January 7, 2014 -- Dr. Catherine Roland, Chair of Georgia Regents University’s Department of Counselor Education, Leadership, and Research, has been named the recipient of the American College Counseling Association’s (ACCA) 2013 Excellence in Professional Leadership Award. Congratulations to Dr. Roland and to Augusta State University which is now part of Georgia Regents University.

Emory keeps top 20 ranking: U.S. News & World Report

Emory University did it again. In rankings released by U.S. News & World Report, the university scored among the nation’s top colleges again for 2017.

Georgia High School Freshmen Required To Choose Career Path

Bobby Goddard is a Valdosta High School freshman. He said "you got to make sure that this is what you really want to do because this is your life, your career." Beginning this year freshman in all public high schools in Georgia will have to choose a career path to focus on in school. They can pick from seventeen different industries known as "clusters" and choose a specific kind of job known as a "pathway".

Consult High School Counselors to Set College Savings Goals

High school counselors can help parents and students headed to college learn how to fill in last-minute gaps in college funding with additional scholarships, budgeting tips and advice for acquiring money for college. However, counselors can't help if families don't make appointments at various stages of the college selection process and ask the right questions.

Lack of Funds Leave School Counselors Struggling to Find Balance

US News and World Report (September 16, 2013) - School officials say a lack of counselors hurts students academically and mentally. Several counselors share their views of why a lack of counselors at their schools hurt the students that they are supposed to be helping. Currently, the Department of Education plans to push legislators to invest more in schools that do have the resources to hire more counselors. On Aug. 16, the department announced it will give $12.3 million to 35 school districts across the country to fund counseling programs in "targeted" elementary schools. Congress is also considering the Student Support Act, a bill that would set minimum ratios for school counselors, psychologists and social workers.