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2020 ASCA Webinar Series: Community Resiliency Model Benefits

Wednesday, January 8, 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

Many students in our schools have experienced stressors affecting their ability to be their best, which can impact how they learn, behave and build positive relationships at school and in the community. The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) helps create trauma-informed and resilience-focused communities and schools that share a common understanding of the impact of trauma and stress on the nervous system and how resiliency can be restored or enhanced using a specific skills-based approach.

Learning objectives:

After viewing this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the biology and neurophysiology of trauma and its impact on students.
  2. Discuss the concepts and biologically based wellness skills that help balance and stabilize the nervous system.
  3. Explain how to practice and implement one biological based wellness skill


  • Kishia Carrington James, Counselor Coordinator, Wake County Public School System, N.C.
  • Gregoria “Gloria” Miranda, Dean of Student Services, Wake County Public School System, N.C.

Jan. 8, 2020, 3-4 p.m. Eastern