2019 Scholarship Winners

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Bless Vincent, Brookwood High School
PROBE Scholarship

It is unbelievable how inconvenient and expensive it is for students to pursue higher education in the U.S today. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that Mrs. Ross and GSCA graciously awarded me with this scholarship to begin my journey onto a successful career and happy life. I will use this fund to cover the remainder of my tuition at Jacksonville State University. Originally, I had accepted a $2000 unsubsidized Federal direct loan from the government to completely pay off my tuition. However, with this award and the $1000 Brother Eddie Nesby Memorial scholarship I recently received, I will be able to cover my entire tuition without taking on the loan. Thank you for this opportunity to grow and further my education.

Hannah Harbage, Windsor Academy
Legacy Scholarship (Daughter of GSCA Member Pamela Harbage)

I will attend Georgia Southwestern this fall and plan on majoring in nursing. I have always enjoyed helping others in any capacity. I love working with small children and infants. My goal is to work in a neonatal intensive care unit as a nurse after graduating. Working with premature babies and their families has been a dream of mine for many years. Georgia Southwestern will enable me to fulfill this dream. This institution will provide me with an excellent nursing education and experience and give me the opportunity to further my education through graduate programs such as the nurse practitioner program.  The Georgia School Counselor’s Association Scholarship will help with college expenses such as tuition. This scholarship will help me achieve my goal.

Halle Bagley, North Forsyth High School
Eliza Swain Scholarship

Slylar Allen, North Forsyth High School
PROBE Scholarship

Grace Dockstader, Brookwood High School
Eliza Swain Scholarship