From the Executive Summary of the School Counselor Survey Conducted by the Carl Vinson Institute:

Posted By: Gail Smith Advocacy,
"In accordance with Georgia’s Senate Bill 401, the Georgia Department of Education (Department of Education) sought to address important ways school counselors help students focus on academic, career, social, and emotional development to promote student academic and career success and student preparation for challenges in their lives and society. The Department of Education sought to review school counselors’ roles, workloads, and program service delivery in grades six through twelve, including the scope of school counselor professional learning and annual school counselor evaluation instruments.  
In furtherance of the legislative mandate from the Georgia General Assembly, this survey is a collaborative effort between the Georgia Department of Education and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government (hereafter, Institute of Government) to provide an understanding of school counselors’ roles, workloads, additional duties, and professional development across a variety of service delivery areas. School counselors’ knowledge and perceptions will enable alignment between the current school counselor roles and duties, as well as professional and career-based goals, assessments, and evaluations.   
From September 13, 2018 until October 12, 2018, the Institute of Government administered a survey to school counselors in grades six through twelve in schools in all 159 Georgia counties". 
Below is the link to the survey which is now posted on the DOE website.  The GSCA Executive Board plans to discuss implications for School Counselors and GSCA legislative priorities during our January meeting.  We will continue to keep you updated throughout the legislative session concerning the use of the survey results as well as other topics related to school counseling.

Download the 2018 Georgia School Counselors Survey