GAYCP Calendar adjustments will provide more opportunities for your students at risk!

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Georgia Youth ChalleNGe – A Life-Changing Program

GAYCP Calendar adjustments will provide more opportunities for your students at risk!

As everyone begins to transition back to a more traditional academic setting this fall, the Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program has adjusted our annual class schedule to accommodate more students who desire a structured academic program.

Beginning this fall, we will offer four class cycles per year with our Fort Gordon campus starting their classes in September and March of each year, while the Fort Stewart campus maintains their January and July start dates.

This provides, you as counselors, more class openings each year to get your students who may need a more structured academic setting, four class dates throughout the academic year to transfer to our residential program.

Do you know of students who have been left behind academically due to the COVID Pandemic? The Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program can be your best opportunity to provide them a positive future.

Our 22-week residential, military-style, tuition-free program is designed to help today’s you with social skills, job training and self-discipline, but without having to join the military.  GAYCP help young people earn their High School diploma or a GED and GAYCP offers pathways to enroll in college, enter the workforce or join the military. 

As you are very well aware, the COVID Pandemic has created a vacuum for many of your students at risk who have struggled in their academic journey, often with no positive path to make up any academic credits they’ve lost in the past year.

With our education partner, Foothills Charter Education High School,, we offer a path for students to earn between 6-8 high school credits that can be transferred back to your traditional school setting. Along with these earned academic credits, our students develop a more positive attitude with our Life Skills Curriculum, Leadership training, Mentoring program, and so much more.

The Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program is a voluntary alternative education program open to 16- to 18-year-old students who are behind academically who are looking for a way to change their lives through education, service to the community, physical fitness, and life skills training. 

Now is the time to apply! Our next class begins in September at our Fort Gordon campus in Augusta and is currently receiving and reviewing applications.  Have your students at risk begin their application process today by going to the GAYCP application page.

Our capacity is increasing as social distancing protocols have been lifted, so do not hesitate to get an application to us quickly.

We offer monthly online information sessions using ZOOM where you can find out more and ask questions you may have about our program. Check out our calendar for those dates.

If you have a question you can contact our admissions team to find out more and to set up a meeting with your counseling team and even families that you believe would benefit from our program.

Since 1993, Georgia has graduated over 18,000 young people from this program and over 50% have earned an academic credential, either a GED or High School diploma, that provided them the ticket to a more productive future.

The Georgia Youth ChalleNGe Program is your best tool in your counseling toolkit to change the lives of students at risk that you work with every day!


Georgia Youth ChalleNGe – A Life-Changing Program

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