2023 pre-conference sessions

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Full Day Session Session 1-  Ethics 

Speaker TBA

Ethics for LPCs - Licensed Professional Counselors are required to get 6 hours of ethics training every two years. This session will cover current ethical issues facing school counselors and the counseling profession in general. Certifications of completion will be distributed to members at the end of this 6-hour pre-conference session.

Full Day Session 2 - Restorative Practices

Speaker TBA

Restorative practices is an essential process for creating a positive learning environment, building social capital, and resolving relational issues. In this interactive learning experience, participants will learn the fundamental theory and practices for engaging with students, staff, and parents while addressing students’ needs within the multi-tiered system of supports. The activities and learning experiences for this session include: applying the restorative practices continuum, understanding which restorative processes are best for achieving certain goals or responding to particular situations, applying restorative language, demonstrating use of "I messages", and particpating in and facilitating the circle process.

Full Day Session 3  - Conflict Resilience

Speaker TBA

Increase your capacity to be conflict resilient by learning practical mediator skills. Learn about your own personal conflict style and conflict-management techniques you can use in your school (and with parents) to navigate conflict more confidently. Session provided by mediators registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.