Advocacy is an active term used to address the concept of promoting the profession, the role, and the impact that School Counselors have on student achievement. The ultimate goal of the comprehensive school counseling program is to enhance academic achievement. This is accomplished through a number of services: individual counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance, group guidance, consultations, and counseling related programs. Advocacy refers to the many ways in which School Counselors can promote the work that we do in an effort to enhance and promote academic success. It includes but is not limited to: professional development, promotions, mentoring, technology and the use of data. Advocacy can be done in a wide range of venues, from advocating our government to advocating in your local school.

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Senator Harbin of the 16th district (Fayette, Spalding, Lamar, and Pike Counties) has introduced a bill (SB379) that will allow Chaplains “to...

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