Ramp Corner

Posted By: Barbara Truluck School Counseling News,

Congratulations to all our Georgia School Counseling programs who applied for RAMP on October 15, 2022! Way to go on your commitment to implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.   

Are you ready to RAMP in 2023? Ongoing ASCA National Model implementation is key to making the RAMP application submission a seamless process. The data collection year is the year you implement and assess the components for submission in October of the next school year. (Example: 2022–2023 data collection and submit October 2023)  

Be sure to use school year 2022-2023 to collect necessary data and supporting documentation if you're planning to submit your application for the Oct. 15, 2023, deadline. Access the 2023 rubric. (Do not select the October 2022 rubric, which is for schools planning to submit an application this October.) 

Need more information on RAMP? Visit: https://www.schoolcounselor.org/Recognition/RAMP/Resources-and-Training